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A volleyball experience designed to help your athletes transition from rec to travel


Our Locals program includes 4 months of skills training and building on fundamentals,  allowing your athlete to develop a solid foundation of passing,

setting and hitting. We are looking to set them up for success as they progress to the next level. We incorporate drills, conditioning, games and scrimmages to give them an exciting and engaging introduction to the wonderful sport of volleyball.

This program will run from February 2025-May 2025, ending with our in-house tournament on May 10th/11th. Your athlete will also participate in scrimmages with our travel teams throughout their program.


Volleyball Locals 24/25 Season


AGES 8-10 SUNDAYS 2:30-4pm

AGES 11-12 SUNDAYS 4-5:30pm

AGES 13-14 SUNDAYS 5:30-7pm

**Most scrimmages will take place on weekday nights and will be scheduled at LEAST two weeks in advance.  There will be multiple opportunities to join the scrimmages throughout the program**

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