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"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen."

-Brene Brown

Hi.  I'm Heather. And this is me, in real life.  ​

Real life that is sometimes messy.

Sometimes confusing.

Sometimes crazy.

Sometimes joyful.

Real life that MOST times looks like this -

dishes (and a cat) in the sink, 

artwork on the fridge,

coffee brewing, and

(probably) late for work.

I'm here to share all my messy, confusing, crazy, joyful, caffeinated adventures.  If that sounds like you, then...

come on in. you belong here.

Not sure what I love most about this pic

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click on a link to:

read my blog.

personal growth, parenting, oily stuff - all stories inspired by my real life. 

see my photography. 

a hobby that is quickly becoming a passion.  watch me grow.

learn oily stuff.

essential oils - it's not magic, it's science!  check in here for all the diy's and faq's.

support small business.

some of my favorite small businesses - artists, services, etc.  check in here, shop local and support small biz!

contact me.

want to be featured on "in the biz" or be a guest writer on my blog? just have a question? let's connect. 


check in here to subscribe to my e-mail list.  i think spam is gross, so i don't do that! i'll just email you the important stuff, like when i find a really good deal on tacos.

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