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AVC's Ambassador Program

Are you a player looking for a leadership role? Are you the person who's always making people feel welcome and included? Then this program is for you! 

We are looking for players from any of our travel teams to be Ambassadors of our culture: determination, commitment and perseverance! These Ambassadors will attend practices of teams other than their own throughout the season and demonstrate what those things mean, as well as show what it takes to continue on to the next level of competition.  We will rely on these Ambassadors to help us create the welcoming environment that is so important to our club!

"It's not about wins or losses! It's about helping all our players be the best versions of themselves, on and off the court!"

These Ambassadors will earn several perks throughout the season:

  • community service hours

  • special Ambassador gear to wear during their 'shifts'

  • 1/2 off all summer camps 

  • 10% discount on all AVC merch

  • Ambassador Idea meetings (once every 3 months Coach B and our Ambassador Coordinator will meet with all of our Ambassadors to hear their ideas for our club!)


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